John’s Testimony

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As the narrative portion of John’s gospel begins, he directs our attention to an exchange between John the Baptist and a delegation sent probably from the Sanhedrin. John’s impactful ministry raised questions as to his … Read More

Jesus: Life and Light

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Through the Word, all things have been brought into existence. True life is found only in Jesus, and His life becomes the Light of humanity. John the Baptist was sent by God to testify about … Read More

Who is Jesus?

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As we begin a study through John’s Gospel, we look at verses 1 and 2 to see how John describes Jesus. There are four descriptors of Christ in the opening two verses. Each are necessary … Read More

God’s Temple

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Paul’s letter is to the church, the ekklesia, the assembled people of God in Corinth. But this people is not only God’s assembly, they are also God’s temple. They are called and gifted by God to … Read More