God’s Temple

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Paul’s letter is to the church, the ekklesia, the assembled people of God in Corinth. But this people is not only God’s assembly, they are also God’s temple. They are called and gifted by God to work upon His temple. Therefore, they must use the proper materials when building, and they must do only those things that will build the Temple and never be guilty of destroying it. God is holy and just, and will not overlook the destruction of His temple. 

The same warning should be heeded by the church today. We don’t have the right to determine how God’s church is built. It is God’s church, not our own. So let’s build it with all our might, by His grace, as He instructs through His Word.

Preached by Lem Lane on September 15, 2019

1 Corinthians 3:10-17

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