The Undistracted Christ

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How wise of our Lord to provide us with weekly rest, reminder, and celebration of His completed mission to save us from our sins. As we prepare to gather in His name to worship Him this coming Lord’s Day, we plan to hear the Word preached from John 7:1-13. As you read through that passage in preparation, notice the way Jesus’ brothers view His current ministry. Also, pay attention to the crowd’s opinion of Jesus as well. Hopefully you’ll notice similar themes in our Scripture readings and songs when we gather together. Pray that the Word of God would go forth clearly through song, prayer, reading, and preaching. Pray that God would be rightly worshiped as His church is edified. Pray for your lost loved ones, and invite them to church with you. Pray that when we gather, God will be glorified.

Preached by Lem Lane on July 04, 2021

John 7:1-13

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